Best Budget Treadmills 2022 (Top 8 Picks)

Best Treadmill for every budget Best Budget Treadmills

Doing sports without going to gym is quite possible. Thanks to the various fitness equipment adapted in the room. Everyone can do daily exercises and maintain their bodies in complete freedom in their home. Among the most chosen budget home gym devices, the treadmill remains at the top of the … Read more

Pros And Cons of Home Trainer Setup

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Trainer

As the majority of doctors in the USA and around the world say, playing sports is essential for good health and keeping in shape. The snag many people face is time or availability. Indeed, many people would like to practice sports on a daily basis or for a few days … Read more

Front or Rear Drive Ellipticals: Which One to Choose

Front or rear drive elliptical: which one to choose

Elliptical trainer has become very popular in recent years because it is a very complete fitness equipment that is found in most fitness rooms and home gyms. Elliptical is also mostly used by people who want to resume sports. An elliptical trainer with a front or rear flywheel has many … Read more

Rowing Machine vs Treadmill for Weight Loss

rowing machine or treadmill to lose weight

Practicing regular exercise is an excellent habit to keep in shape and active mode. However, because of the different working hours and busy daily life, it can be difficult to find time to go to the gym. To overcome this problem, some people decide to buy fitness equipment for exercising … Read more

Rowing Program for Weight Loss

Rowing program to lose weight

Rowing machine appeals to people of all levels. Nowadays, it is the most complete fitness equipment since the rower works nearly 90% of the muscles of our body. No matter what an individual’s goal is, the rower will meet all expectations. For example, it allows you to lose weight, keep … Read more

Spin Bike vs Elliptical: Which One Choose

Spin Bike vs Elliptical: Which One Choose

Spin bikes and elliptical trainers are two effective fitness equipment that will keep your body fit and healthy. They also help you to lose weight and tone the body. But what are the differences between spin bike and elliptical in terms of functionality and benefits? Here are a series of … Read more

10 Best Ellipticals Under $200: Budget Options for 2022

Ellipticals Reviews Under $200

In the last few years, ellipticals have quickly become a staple in our homes, and yet we do not know all the benefits of an elliptical trainer. If you don’t have big bucks to spend on a high-end elliptical trainer, there are plenty of affordable alternatives that you choose for … Read more

7 Best Spin Bikes Under $1000 Reviews for 2022

Spinning Bikes Reviews Under $1000

To keep fit without going to the gym and spending money on the gym membership card, spinning bike is the perfect solution. These cardio machines are useful for both professionals and for those who are new to physical activity and do not aim for high levels. However, choosing the right … Read more

5 Best Hybrid Ellipticals [In-Depth Reviews 2022]

Best Hybrid Ellipticals Reviews

Hybrid elliptical is a combination of an elliptical and an exercise bike. It has several features that are beneficial for cardiovascular health and overall body training. Hybrid ellipticals mainly added a seat. In this way, users can exercise both standing and sitting positions. However, having a good quality hybrid elliptical … Read more