How to Hunt a Boar

How to Hunt a Boar

Wild boar hunting is truly the most popular choice of hunters around the world. But the question is: how to hunt a boar successfully? Well, wild boars tend to reproduce, which is not a problem for hunters and also nature lovers.

Regarding the extinction of this species, hunting this animal will be able to maintain a balance in our forests. Moreover, this race is really known to have destroyed the farms of several farmers, but hunting is a discipline. First, you have to respect the animal. Hunting it in an abusive way is not at all a good choice and could bring you problems with the authorities.

Wild boar is really the easiest animal to find. It prefers to move with its companions in large herds seen from hundreds of meters. While being well equipped and ready for this adventure, this activity will be fun and will bring you a good reward in terms of games.

How to Hunt a Boar – Step by Step

Let’s see how to hunt a boar in our step-by-step guide…

1. Choose your weapon

If you have decided before that you will surely hunt wild boar, then you have also thought of going to find a weapon and what will be the most useful for you. The most important thing here is to choose the perfect caliber of your weapon so that it is lethal and so powerful to bring down a beast of such muscle and gigantic body.

Also the choice of your weapon will have an effect on the distance from which you will be able to shoot.

Choose the Right Weapon

Certainly, it remains illogical to say it, but a pistol can never be your primary but can be useful as a weapon in an emergency, you never know what nature hides. The most useful weapon to end the life of the poor who suffers will be at least a 0.44 Magnum or a 0.454 and 0.5 as an additional choice.

Shotguns are a popular choice for hunters, their downside is the impossibility of being able to shoot from a great distance and hit your target, you will always have to be close. If you’re looking for a small boar, a 20 gauge shotgun will do, otherwise, you’re stuck with a 12 gauge.

Rifles, arguably, are the hunter’s preferred choice, primarily for their ability to kill from a distance. Most calibers are suitable for these wild pigs (preferable caliber: 0.22 and the 25-20 Winchester). For better accuracy, equip yourself with a hunting scope.

If you hunt with a bow, it is recommended to throw your arrow with the greatest possible force to bring down the beast. Remember that when hunting with a bow, keep a distance of no more than 30 meters. Otherwise, you will only see a wild boar escaping.

2. Don’t forget your hunting license

This step is obligatory to be noted as a reminder on your mobile phone just before the planned appointment for the adventure. Some people forgot it and created great problems that they could easily avoid.

In any country that is your hunting destination, a hunting license is required to begin your adventure. Also, some regions will encourage you to hunt the beast due to their large numbers and destructive effects on farm production. And certainly by searching a little bit on the internet, you will find invitations to hunt offered by owners of vast lands.

Be strict in researching the laws imposed on hunters in your area. Completely intolerable consequences can be a result of hunting done incorrectly and can be assessed as illegal.

To be on the safe side, never forget your hunting license. Carry it, you never know when you will meet a forester who will ask for a verification of the hunting licenses and the gun permit. Forgetting it will perhaps prohibit you from hunting throughout your life.

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3. Use a good knife

It’s not really mandatory to carry it during a wild boar hunt, but a hunting knife is a tool and also an adaptable and useful weapon in some cases. While hunting wild boar, ending the life of a boar on the verge of death can be an easy task with a good knife and can replace the gun we have already recommended.

In those small moments, the quality of the knife will have a big effect on how you end the poor man without him suffering. A well-designed knife will be a good tool within reach and will serve you well as long as you maintain it.

For wild boar hunting, you will need a knife with an anti-slip handle and a blade of at least 17 cm in length. The blade must be fixed and solid and must be well-tapered. The blade must be very solid and thick (0.7 mm at least is the recommended standard) in order to prevent it from breaking.

4. Wear the right clothes

Like any outing in nature, you will need to wear suitable clothing that will be breathable and durable. Eliminate clothes made from cotton from your list because they absorb all sorts of small particles and make it hard to get rid of them. Aim for clothes that will be made to push dust away and prevent it from sticking, or also clothes that are designed to be easy to wash (because you’ll really get dirty).

One of the necessities of a hunter is a bright jacket, especially when hunting in groups.

Speaking of shoes, you’re really not going to have a choice, durable hiking shoes will do. Be sure that those pairs of shoes you are going to buy are water-resistant before you wear them on a boar hunt.

You are also going to need a sturdy backpack with enough volume in it. When hunting in a group, perhaps one backpack will be totally sufficient to carry the essentials, but your weapon must always be with you.

5. Be sure to carry a first aid kit

Recommended for any activity outside the city, the first aid kit remains essential equipment that must be easily accessible in our backpack and that must never be forgotten, obligatory to carry it during a wild boar hunt.

A perfect hunt is the hunt where no one will be harmed. But predicting the future is impossible. Wild boars remain wild and dangerous animals who panic at the slightest danger felt by their instincts. These beasts are unique in their way of defending themselves. The other species escape when they see the danger, but the wild boar decides to fight and defend his little boars.

By following the instructions of the hunting pros, this will never be a problem. A nice shot will rid you of those hesitations and doubts, but first aid kits are designed for extreme cases.

  • First aid kits can be found in a variety of stores. Look at your local hunting or even sports store.
  • Surely you can create your own first aid kit yourself, but never forget these following components:
  • 1- Sterile gauze pads and a roll of gauze for wound treatment
  • 2-Hydrogen water as a disinfectant
  • 3-Safety pins to fix the bandages
  • 4-Pliers to remove splinters

Wild Boar Hunting Tips

6. Have the necessary equipment to move the game

After completing your quest and hunting your boar, you are going to need to move the game. These creatures are huge, which eliminates the possibility of seeing them carried by you alone with your own hands and arms. Surely, you are going to need equipment to be able to carry these tens of kilos of meat.

To move your boar you just need to equip yourself with a rope: Preferably it is made of nylon, you will attach it to the head of the little monster and move by pulling it. To facilitate this task, a piece of plastic or a large towel placed under the boar can increase the slip coefficient and make the task easier to perform.

You will also need a pair of thick gloves made of sturdy material and a rubber palm, pulling the rope without gloves can injure you and burn your hands.

7. Decide the hunting time

One of the problems that hunting poses to the hunter is that he must be adapted to the habit of the animal. The boar is a nocturnal creature, it spends its time during the day sleeping and wakes up as soon as the sun goes down. They are only active during the evening until dawn. So if you can adapt to it, wild boar hunting will be more successful after sunset.

Equip yourself well; a hunting light and night vision goggles will be mandatory equipment. Never hunt at night without sufficient light to clear your sight.

Check the regulations imposed by the local authorities. Some regions prohibit night hunting due to certain problems that the latter can impose (The probability of injuring a human by believing that it is your target)

8. Eliminate any smell from your clothes

Wild boars, like many other species, have a very strong sense of smell that can distinguish a human scent from hundreds of meters away. Boar hunting will require you to forget your scent and even attempt to remove any scent from your hunting clothes.

If you forget to follow these steps, the slightest wind and you will see a wild boar escaping.

Baking soda powder is the most economical way that will do the trick. Mix it with another liquid, maybe with your liquid soap and take a shower by putting this small mixture (do not put the baking soda powder directly on your, this can irritate your skin). Wash your clothes with water mixed with baking soda powder, plus a fragrance-free detergent if you have it to remove any odors that may spoil your adventure.

Diesel will also be effective in removing odors from your camouflage hunting tent hide. However, it can cause an inconvenience since its smell is strong but it is really useful.

There are also products sold at hunting shops that will not only disperse your scent but also attract wild boar to your location. But, it is still recommended that you perform the previous steps.

Other questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

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