The Best Pneumatic Speargun In 2023

Best Pneumatic Speargun

In the realm of underwater hunting, having the right equipment can make all the difference. The pneumatic speargun is still widely used by expert spearfishermen. However, the choice of such a rifle must be made consciously. For all spearfishing inexperienced the moment of choosing the best pneumatic speargun is always the most difficult.

In this article, we offer the 7 best models of pneumatic spearguns on the market, you can consult a comprehensive buying guide that includes all the elements to consider before choosing the right product.

Best Pneumatic Speargun in 2023

If you are interested in buying the best product and would like to compare them, our recommendation is the Seac Asso Pneumatic Speargun, a well-balanced model that is able to offer good shooting accuracy. Its color certainly does not go unnoticed, so it will be easier to identify if it falls to the bottom.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, the SALVIMAR Pneumatic Speargun could be for you. It is an entry-level model, specially designed for those taking their first steps toward spearfishing. It is also light and easy to handle.

1. Seac Asso C/R Pneumatic Speargun – Best Overall

Seac Asso C/R Review

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This Seac pneumatic speargun is a new version of the historical accessory of the Italian brand. The speargun features ergonomics and a very sporty design. The handle is made of rubber and offers a natural grip. Seac Asso C/R Pneumatic speargun is available in 6 lengths.

With an aluminum alloy magazine, conceived and designed with a diameter of 40 mm, the Seac speargun proves to be a valid alternative to models with rubber bands.

The barrel is 18 mm and adapts perfectly to the needs and/or preferences of any diver. The head part is made of light alloy with larger holes placed on the end part to simplify the passage of water.

The ergonomic handle is made of a single material with a 40mm wide aluminum alloy magazine. This is an ideal size to accommodate the rod. The package also includes a special case that facilitates transport and protects the speargun from scratches and accidental falls.


  • Solid materials
  • Soft rubber handle grip
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized fish
  • Available with or without power regulator
  • Best choice for the price


  • No additional support when the shot has started

2. SALVIMAR Classic Dark Side Pneumatic Speargun

SALVIMAR Classic Dark Side

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Among the many offers of speargun models available on the market, the SALVIMAR Classic Dark Side deserves a lot of attention. Dark Side is the new vacuum tire with a 100% carbon frame. The high modulus Pre-Peg TW-K03 mixed fiber alloy (mechanically polymerized at very high pressures) reaches a high degree of compactness which gives it a perfectly balanced structure.

The product is also well made and the price is appropriate for the high quality of the model. The glass-filled nylon handle is extremely ergonomic. The 85 cm or 115 cm large power regulator is equipped with an automatic side line release. And the barrel has a diameter of 13mm.

The butt is elongated and has a non-slip finish, allowing the tire to move smoothly in the water. The line release is located in a lateral position. This allows the line to remain perfectly adherent to the barrel. In this way, the swing is facilitated to prevent the line from getting caught on the rocks or on the seabed.

It is a really efficient and practical Pneumatic Speargun to use. However, it is a bit heavy and does not float even with an empty barrel.


  • Made of 100% Carbon fiber
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Professional design
  • Well balanced


  • Pretty heavy
  • Doesn’t float

3. Seac Asso S/R Pneumatic Speargun

ac Asso S/R

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The packaging of this SEAC speargun includes the shaft, the harpoon, the line and the loading system, making it perfect for those who want to get to work immediately and start exploring seabeds and areas where fish can hide. With a maximum range of 3 meters, it allows fishing for small and medium-sized fish.

The quality of Made in Italy is present in this Seac S/R speargun and it is precisely what distinguishes the product from all the others. The choice of solid materials and the line that allows you to better manage the shot and the handle of the rifle contribute to the final rendering of the object.

The yellow rubber handle is of high quality to favor a very firm grip in any eventuality. The total weight of the speargun is only 1 kg and is easy to transport. Furthermore, safety is very high.

The length varies from the smallest measure of 40 cm up to 75 cm. A range that allows you to make the most of the speargun both for short distances and for fishing which requires a greater range. And with the five lengths available, the use and fishing outcome is best suited to the needs of each individual user.


  • Practical and effective
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Available in 5 different lengths
  • Comes with everything you need


  • Nothing to say!

4. Mares Sten Hydrodynamic Pneumatic Speargun

Mares Sten Hydrodynamic Speargun

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Mares is one of the most famous companies for the production of accessories used for fishing. This pneumatic speargun with a very captivating design has a totally black look with orange inserts along the entire barrel. It features an improved look compared to its predecessor as well as some technical aspects that have improved accuracy and efficiency.

It currently offers the best value for money on the market with reliable and very high quality design. The head is compact and the threaded rod measures just 8mm.

The outer barrel has a length of 40 mm and the one-piece muzzle has a very low weight which guarantees greater compactness and sturdiness to the entire speargun without affecting the overall weight. The handle is non-slip to promote a firm grip during use.

The wishbone has also been updated to offer better durability over time while the outer barrel remains 40mm. This model is ideal for beginners. However, no additional accessories are included in the package. The package includes Speargun, Rod with harpoon, line for shaft, and pump to charge the pression of speargun.


  • Rigid Ergonomic Handle
  • Patented Safety Catch
  • High Capacity Air Tank
  • Good value


  • Only three size options

5. Cressi Precise Pneumatic Spearfishing Speargun

Cressi Precise Pneumatic Speargun

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Among the best Pneumatic spearguns of 2023, this interesting model offered by Cressi, a historic leader in the diving equipment sector, peeps out. This pneumatic speargun is designed with a very lively color, which allows you to easily identify it on the seabed, should you slip out of your hand.

This Cressi speargun is hydropneumatic, the stock has a yellow color that allows you to easily identify the speargun even if it sinks to the bottom. In the lower part, there is an attachment point to be able to easily attach the ball line.

The trigger has a safety lock to protect it when the rifle is not being used. This product is present in two versions, this one is perfect for those who practice fishing as a hobby. The SL series is equipped with a power regulator that allows you to choose whether to use full power or reduced power for close shots.

The butt of the speargun is equipped with a solid attachment point to secure the line to be attached to the dive marker buoy. The trigger is equipped with safety to avoid accidentally firing the harpoon during the patrol. It is also quite accurate and easy to handle.

However, the first few times you may find it difficult to arm with the harpoon due to excessive pressure.


  • Very accurate
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Reasonable price
  • Equipped with lock
  • Beautiful color and design


  • Difficult to cock the harpoon gun for first few times

6. SEAC Caccia HF C/R Pneumatic Speargun

SEAC Caccia HF C/R

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The SEAC Caccia HF C/R is not among the most recent Pneumatic spearguns, but it still offers excellent performance for its selling price. It is ideal for all enthusiasts who are approaching this world for the first time. This structural solution partially sacrifices comfort but brings great benefits from the point of view of the accuracy and stability of the gun itself.

The Seac HF C/R pneumatic speargun has an aluminum alloy cylinder with a hydrodynamic shape. The end part has a reduced diameter in order to make the shaft visible and also optimize the line of sight.

The design of the handle is very ergonomic, made with two materials and soft to the touch to offer a secure and firm grip, even if your hands are wet. However, the nylon structure makes it slightly more rigid. We also appreciate the butt, the end diameter is reduced and gives a lot of visibility.

The barrel has a reduced diameter to reduce the flow of water that the piston is forced to expel. Overall it is an excellent choice for spearfishing and also the value for money is convenient.


  • Perfect size for novice to pro
  • Innovative design material
  • No bending problems
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Complete package


  • The carrying case is a bit fragile

How to Choose the Best Pneumatic Speargun?

In order to choose the best pneumatic speargun, several aspects must be considered. The category of fishing spearguns is divided into rubber band, spring and pneumatic. Today we will mainly focus on examining the pneumatic ones.

Size and Dimensions

The choice of the size of a pneumatic speargun depends on the type of fishing to be carried out and also on the level of who must use it. For a beginner, we recommend buying a model that has a length that starts from 30 cm up to 75 cm. In this way, you can move with great agility underwater.

Therefore it also reduces the encumbrance when maneuvers have to be carried out. A fisherman who has extensive experience can also opt for longer pneumatic spearguns, even up to 120 cm in length.

Whoever carries out hole fishing must buy a speargun of medium length, therefore around 75 cm. It is also ideal for narrow spaces and for situations in which one can move very little. For those who instead have to fish on the bottom, they can rely on a speargun with a length of 90 cm.

The materials

The materials that make up the pneumatic speargun must be absolute of quality if you are looking for an instrument that lasts over time. Steel, aluminum and carbon are the three most used materials and mainly form the body of the speargun.

The important thing is to check the resistance before proceeding with the purchase. because it must be resistant to corrosion as seawater can slowly ruin the external part.

In addition to the barrel, other parts of the rifle must also be made of high-grade materials, such as the grip and the quality of the forearm. An ergonomic design not only improves the grip but also makes the pneumatic gun safer, as does the external support which makes it easier to load.

The type of rifle

The pneumatic speargun was in vogue in the 80s, it can be considered very reliable for those looking for a professional product. The pneumatic speargun is very strong and for this reason, it manages to reach the prey in depth. You can also manage the prey if you make uncomfortable shots and in small spaces.

Acceleration is very fast and the noise when shooting is minimal (even if the rubber band gun is more indiscreet) so as not to frighten the prey. Another positive feature of the pneumatic speargun is its versatility. All the components can be customized, even the shaft and the line.


How to load a pneumatic speargun?

To load a pneumatic speargun, the best solution comes from a hand pump. They are usually found of the same brand as the rifle purchased and also have a scheme with which to better manage the different atmospheres even with the average times required for loading.

At what age can a pneumatic speargun be used?

Under the law, a minimum age of 16 is established. However, it is forbidden to load and unload the pneumatic speargun out of the water and in the presence of people nearby.

Can you modify a speargun?

Yes, the elastic models allow the user to manage different aspects in a personalized way ranging from the central tube to the handle and the type of shaft that can be mounted.

Are pneumatic spearguns suitable for beginners?

Yes, pneumatic spearguns can be suitable for beginners. There are models specifically designed with features that cater to novice hunters. These spearguns often have adjustable trigger mechanisms, user-friendly loading systems, and moderate power levels, making them easier to handle and control.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using a pneumatic speargun?

Yes, safety should always be a priority when using a pneumatic speargun. Some important precautions to consider include:

  • Always treat the speargun as if it is loaded, even when it’s not.
  • Never point the speargun at anyone, including yourself, when not in use.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and potential obstacles before shooting.
  • Only load and fire the speargun underwater and away from the surface.
  • Properly maintain and inspect your speargun before each use.
  • Seek proper training and certification in spearfishing techniques and safety procedures.

Can pneumatic spearguns be used for different types of fishing or hunting?

Yes, pneumatic spearguns are versatile and can be used for various types of fishing or hunting underwater. They are commonly used for spearfishing, both inshore and offshore. Pneumatic spearguns can be effective for targeting reef fish, pelagic species, and even larger game fish, depending on the power and range of the specific model.


Pneumatic speargun is an essential companion for every sport fisherman, from the amateur to the professional. The choice depends a lot on the use you want to make of it. It must meet the needs of manageability and lightness, and at the same time able to resist water pressure, oxidation, and the infiltration of liquids inside the shooting mechanism.

Hope this guide helped you find the best pneumatic speargun for your needs. If you have any questions, leave a comment in the section below. And we will respond as soon as possible.

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